How Custard approach the branding process…

By Beth Barrett

Branding is a critical element for any business, it can fundamentally underpin the communications and marketing strategy Custard writes and implements for its clients; so, it’s important to us too! We recently delivered a workshop for one of our valued clients to help steer and cement their brand repositioning plans.

We provided creative direction to ensure the delivery of compelling and engaging brand messages which capture the attention of customers and end users, boosting sales and increasing revenue as a result.

Here’s how Custard approach the branding process

  • It’s important for us to get to know the vision and values of a company. By holding a collaborative workshop, we bring together senior management and key stakeholders to firmly establish our understanding of your business direction.
  • We conduct anonymous surveys and interviews with the wider team and present these back to the business, a great way for us to examine the internal culture, values, and positioning of the brand from the team on the frontline. This goes a long way to define who and what your business is, and what the benefits to the industry and competitive landscape are.
  • We analyse the sector. We study who your clients are competing with in terms of market share and brand presence. We investigate their positioning, perceived values and proposition.
  • Together we will look at examples of marketing and advertising messages that resonate with your brand. What you like, what you don’t like and why?
  • The next phase back at Custard is to synthesise these learnings and clarify the brand vision and strategy. We will write and develop a positioning platform and determine what the visual territory will be.

Considering where your business is going and who it is meant to appeal to will provide a robust basis for the communications strategy, messaging and targeting.

Our branding process… another reason Custard can’t come out of a packet.