About Us

We are an established consultancy with a strong reputation for specialising in maximising growth for the hospitality industry through intelligence-led marketing and PR.

Our team members are the stars of our business, working-towards our vision, values and providing the highest-level consultancy for our clients.

Our Vision:

To continue to build a business that only the best and brightest PR and marketing professionals would be proud to work in by inspiring young marketers, developing exceptional and experienced talent and focusing on clever outcomes, not just outputs.

We demonstrate the value of marketing and PR through effective and intelligent marketing and PR.

We always looking for the What Else? Being inquisitive and always seeking more.

We are proud to demonstrate the success of our relationships with the industry and the media.

Our Values: 

– seeing beyond the project and always focusing on the ‘What Else?’

– being creative and always full of ideas

– doing whatever is required to accomplish a goal

– always creative, full of ideas and driven to learn

– always approachable and able to adapt quickly

– having and demonstrating passion for both the industry, Custard and the development of our team

– showing an ability to understand and share opinions constructively as a team

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Our Latest News

The Custard team are working throughout the industry, supporting clients, speaking at events, providing brand and digital workshops and delivering national campaigns. Find out what our team and our clients have been up to.

Career Opportunities


Our talent and strengths lie within the investment and development of our team and we are looking for driven, passionate and creative individuals to join us and take their careers to the next level. our team members on what life is like at Custard.

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Meet Your Award-Winning Team

Since 2007 we have been developing marketing talent at Custard. We thrive on building strong, resilient marketing professionals with a ‘What Else?’ attitude and a hunger for results. Investing in and developing talent from all corners of the industry means our experts can bring a collective strength to every client and campaign.

Meet the experts at Custard who can help to grow your business