What We Do

We are an established consultancy with a strong reputation for specialising in maximising growth for the hospitality industry through intelligence led marketing and PR. As a full-service marketing and PR consultancy, we work as your partner to identify the best and most appropriate strategies to support reaching your objectives.

Marketing Consultancy

Marketing has to be about consumer orientation and selling your sizzle. Our consultative approach means we’ll be working in partnership to focus on your positioning and how best to drill into the behaviours of your target audience and build a lucrative market to grow your business. From segmentation and targeting through to creative campaigns and branding we’ll bolt on to your business and work together to build strong messages and high conversions.

Strategy Development | Campaigns | Events | Competitor Analysis | Digital Communications | Segmentation | Targeting | Consumer Behaviour Analysis | Copywriting | Market Awareness | Product Awareness

Marketing Consultancy


Positioning your business through PR is the most credible route to profitability. We’ll be introducing your business to editors across the world, building credible campaigns hooked into intelligent research and insight and building powerful profiles through innovative thought leadership. We’ll handle press trips, reviews, events and editorial to help you strengthen or alter your position.

Awards | Media Liaison | Editorial | Research | Insight | Sponsorship | Thought Leadership | Case Studies | Reporting | Screen Tourism | Copywriting

Brand Management

We can’t get enough of dissecting and understanding what lies beneath your brand. Our brand workshops and auditing help to crystalise what your business does, who it’s aimed at and how it benefits your audience. It’s not about design, but the values and pillars that support your business and how these matter to your target audience and to profitability.

Partnerships | Design | Advertising | Photography | Video | Content Development

Brand Strategy
Reputation Management

Reputation Management

A crisis can come out of nowhere and you need to be prepared to act fast. Our issues management expertise provides swift and robust responses to keep your brand protected. Creating and establishing crisis communications processes and systems ensures you have peace of mind knowing that the experts are on hand to ensure an issue doesn’t escalate into a media crisis without the right support. 

Crisis Communications | Issues Management | Internal Communications | Media Training | Reputation Management | Stakeholder Management | Reporting

Digital Marketing

All of our marketing plans are strengthened by adopting the relevant and timely digital strategies. We build social media messaging to build your audience engagement and target your customers directly using curated e-communications campaigns. Our searchability services ensure that the right audience discovers your business through smart SEO and paid search. Not forgetting being on top of the latest digital practices and activations.   

Social Media | E-communications | Searchability | Advertising | Website Management

Digital Marketing


You can’t possibly plot a path to where you are going if you don’t know where you are right now! Understanding your audience, your positioning and your marketing effectiveness is critical to creating and building a marketing strategy for growth. We identify opportunities, challenges, your audience, your goals and your resources to build a realistic and effective plan to start out on the right path.

Competitor Analysis | Audience Analysis | Product Analysis | PR Evaluation | Marketing Evaluation | Brand Messaging

Our Work

The Torridon - Amazing Hotels

The Torridon was identified as a potential hotel to be featured in the third series of Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby.

The Meeting Show

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Custard successfully devised and managed a comprehensive PR strategy

Regents - Wedding campaign

Custard delivered a competition for an unsung hero to win a wedding worth £20k for their commitment to helping others during the Coronavirus pandemic.

mia: Managing Extraordinary Matters

Custard played a crucial role in supporting the mia in providing clarity and compiling powerful insights and information on behalf of the sector. 

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