Invest and learn to survive

By Megan Trimble

Uncertainty is all around. Brexit, recruitment crises, rate increases, and an all-around belt-tightening ahead of the choppy waters are being felt strongly throughout the hospitality industry. With 3.2m people currently employed within our industry, making it one of the top seven employers in every region in the UK (Ignite Economics, 2018), the pressure is on to find solutions, and fast.

At such tumultuous times, the first response should not be to sit and wait, but to turn in to the storm and battle through. Investment, training, and development at this stage will rally the forces of change, ensuring businesses can survive, and thrive, in to the future.

Leading this battle has been UK Hospitality, and Master Innholders Conference headline speaker, Kate Nicholls. Championing 150 hospitality businesses, a group met with MPs at Westminster in early October to represent the struggles that continue, whilst making recommendations to bolster trading during this period.

With industry professionals and spokespeople leading the charge, now is the time to get involved and take charge of the future of the opportunities for our businesses. Budgets may be squeezed, but investment is one of the only ways to find a way out of the steady decline that is being witnessed around the country. Gaining inspiration, expert advice, and opportunities for incremental sales options will mark a winning strategy, not an extra expense.

As one of the largest industry events for hospitality professionals, boasting a wealth of the most knowledgeable and proactive speakers from across the nation, the Master Innholders Conference is truly an opportunity not to be missed by those with the drive to change the fortunes for their businesses.

Importantly, learning occasions are not to be limited to the upper echelons of the management team. Being focused on the wider development and improvement of all levels of the industry, the conference offers an exclusive discounted rate, 4 tickets for the price of 3, to encourage the involvement of more junior professionals. Considering the importance being placed on retaining staff, utilising key events as part of a development programme can be fruitful for more than the resultant takeaways, building a stronger relationship and culture within the team itself.

So, in summary, take the challenge of uncertainty, and learn from it. Push towards the things that scare you and learn from those who have battled the waters already. We’ll see you at the conference, 28-29 January 2019 at Intercontinental London – The O2.

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