Expedia reveals predictions in 2021 travel trends report

By Georgia Ward

This week Expedia has released its 2021 Travel Trends Report, sharing predictions for the year ahead. Using both internal and external data, the report has outlined the best holiday hacks, trending destinations for 2021 and how our priorities have changed since the pandemic hit.  

Dream destinations 

The biggest growth  by comparing year-on-year results has seen interest in British coastal towns increase the most, even above international destinations, which is in no surprise thanks to the restrictions on travel due to COVID-19 . 

Custard advice: Brighton, Inverness and Cornwall received the highest growth  and are the top three destinations on British travellers’ wish lists. Hotels and attractions in these areas can maximise on this interest through their social media messaging and website.  

As a result of cancelled trips and travel restrictions, UK travellers have been left with a sense of wanderlust and, with the money that has been saved from not travelling this year, are looking into their future dream holidays, such as trips to the Maldives, French Polynesia and Barbados. When comparing 2019 booked holidays and interest in 2021 trips, new epic destinations are emerging that were nowhere near being considered last year. 

Blowing the budget 

Missed special occasions, such as weddings, anniversaries and milestone birthdays have led Brits to research more indulgent travel. In Expedia’s ‘Attitude to Autumn Travel research report compiled in September, more than a third of Brits stated that their ideal next trip would include luxury and pampering. 

Custard advice: This is a great upsell opportunity for hotels who are developing packages for next year. Curating a luxury experience that includes everything from champagne and fine dining to spa treatments, use of wellness of facilities and in-room giftsmarketing it as an all-inclusive option will encourage those guests looking to treat themselves to book an upgraded package. Share images and video of your opulent facilities, extravagant rooms and high-end service on your social media to provide your audience with travel inspiration and keep links to your booking pages clear across each of your profiles to make it as easy for your audience as possible. 

Taking time for themselves: 

While tighter restrictions are in place in the UK, Expedia has found that going forward, Brits are avoiding holiday blues by taking personal time for wellness, getting into exercise and planning frequent micro-breaks for when the time is right to travel. 

Custard advice: Clear communication from hotels on the number of nights per break that can be offered will support them in attracting the travellers looking for short weekday or weekend stays. Keep your Google My Business page and website up-to-date with your availability and share prices of multiple night stays on social media and your PR content for ease of the reader. 

If you are unsure how to develop your marketing plan for next year or need advice on how to get the most out of your messagingspeak to a member of the Custard team today to find out how we can execute an integrated marketing and PR strategy for your hospitality business.