New research finds under 45s most keen to splash the cash on a UK break

By Georgia Ward

While there is still plenty of concern about what is deemed safe, it’s clear that domestic travel, or ‘staycations’ are seen as the safest option for travel in 2020 by consumers 

A third (30%) of respondents in a new research report indicated that domestic travel was considered safe, with this dropping to 15% for any foreign travel. Rather, 68% admitted foreign holidays are somewhat or very unsafe at this time, falling to 46% for domestic travel. 

The amounts that people expect to spend for their holiday do not differ massively, regardless of where they are going. The average amount spent per person on a week-long foreign holiday is £750, while on a staycation they’d expect to pay £559. The research found that the under 45s are willing to spend £620 on a UK break, forking out more than £100 per person than the over 55s.  

Although the over 55s will spend less, with £510 per person budgeted for a UK staycation on average, they are far less likely to be swayed by last minute changing legislation, with just 12% believing that they’ll leave the UK for a foreign holiday in the next 12 months. 

When asked about transport, the research commissioned by market research agency Democracy found that 64% of Britons are worried about travelling on planes, 58% are worried about boats or cruises while another 58% are worried about train travel. 

Similarly, findings from Global Web Index (GWI) suggests that 21% of this older generation X could be looking to travel in 10 to 12 months, while 18% think this will be a year or more. Comparatively, 34% of millennials (born between the late 70s and mid 90s) responded that they would be looking to travel in the next few months.  

To read the full report, click here 

Custard tip: To maximise on the high percentage of consumers looking to travel within the UK over the next 12 months, we recommend adapting your communications strategy now to focus on long-lead bookings. Create inspiring packages, share your cancellation policy clearly and make your 2021 rates easily available on your website to encourage future bookings and reassure prospective guests. 

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