Senior Account Manager

It’s the people and talent that make Custard a success.  We spend time getting to know our clients but we want you to know more about each of our team members.

Introducing Natalie

Joined Custard: Spring 2015

Her role:  Natalie is a solid senior account manager who manages a complex combination of clients and campaigns. Swiftly adjusting from B2B clients to our more consumer focused-clients, she is chameleonic with her writing and dedicated to providing the best possible outcomes for our portfolio of clients.

Other Roles: Natalie also works with Lesley on supporting Custard’s PR and she is a keen and regular writer for Custard Insights, providing different perspectives on PR activities and strategies.

Not afraid to: Natalie is never afraid to question the status quo.  Her inquisitive mind means she’ll always challenge the team and our clients.

You can count on Natalie for: Being a practical and determined PR professional. Her ambitious and infectious approach to secure great coverage for our clients through dynamic and accurate storytelling means we can always rest assured that Natalie will get the job done.

What’s her daily routine like?

Natalie is a mid-morning grazer, so her early morning routine is a whirlwind of activity as she executes copy, creates campaign ideas and chases editorial opportunities before she breaks for coffee and breakfast. Natalie is a bit of an award-writing guru so there is never a week that goes by that she isn’t shaping an award entry by digesting volumes of statistics and testimonials and creating a solid entry that gets all of our clients shortlisted. Natalie loves to share knowledge and will often be heard sharing vital nuggets of information with the team.

Why she makes an excellent Custard: Natalie is the quickest witted of the Custards with a smart and sharp mind that perfectly scribes great copy for our clients. Deadlines live in fear of Natalie as she hits every target and never gives up on a lead for editorial.  She loves to share her knowledge and passion of the written word and spends time with the team developing their writing and story-telling skills.

Who works with Natalie?

Natalie is guided by our account directors, who support and help shape her ideas and never have reason to unleash a red pen to correct Natalie’s work.  Natalie also works with Petra on some accounts and is always keen to chomp through ideas with Petra, providing she brings a cup of green tea to the desk.

What makes Natalie grimace?

Bad grammar and general misuse of the English language! Among the things that really irritate her are misplaced apostrophes (especially in menus), unnecessary use of capital letters, overuse of commas and when people say ‘could of’ instead of ‘could have’.

What makes Natalie smile?

Pretty much anything involving a cute animal, but mostly cats. And otters.

What’s Natalie’s favourite Custard memory?

Natalie says: “There have been a lot of amazing memories created at Custard, but one of the highlights has to be my one-year anniversary dinner with Petra at Le Gavroche – I’d always wanted to go and it was every bit as good as I’d hoped – and the fantastic company made the evening, of course…”

What makes a great Custard?

Natalie thinks a great Custard is enthusiastic, hard-working, loves food (and will eat any cakes she bakes), will embrace the huge variety of challenges that come our way, is empathetic to client needs and is a real team player.