Account Director

It’s the people and talent that make Custard a success.  We spend time getting to know our clients but we want you to know more about each of our team members.

Introducing Mika

Joined Custard: Summer 2016

Her role:  Bringing together PR professionalism and creative storytelling. Mika is primarily responsible for our consumer-focused clients, generating stories and whipping up editorial opportunities for hotels.

Other Roles: Mika has an ear on the ground to what is happening in the travel sector and defining new markets for Custard to explore.  A regular sharer of what’s hit the weekend papers, Mika makes Mondays about identifying new angles and opportunities for everyone.

As a member of the senior management team she also plays listener and mentor to Petra, regularly bouncing ideas off each other and helping to shape the talent within the team to strengthen our success.

Not afraid to: Challenge the account executives.  Mika is passionate about imparting her years of experience and outstanding knowledge in PR.  Always asking ‘what else’ of the team and helping to define greater story telling she loves helping the account executives to push boundaries and think differently.

You can count on Mika for: Bags of positivity and certainty.  She never starts anything she doesn’t believe will be a huge success.  Always logical in her approach and keen to manage expectation, Mika will only promise what she knows can be delivered and will provide the best outcome for the client.

What’s her daily routine like?

Mika flies into the office determined to conquer editorial for our clients.  Her morning routine is kicked off with coffee and chocolate accelerating her efforts to win fabulous coverage for all our consumer clients. Thriving on human contact, Mika regularly picks up the phone to sell in great stories to journalists as well as catching up on what’s changing in the editorial landscape.  Quick to digest and spot trends, Mika will always share opportunities with the team and drive creative brainstorming during Tuesday Custard team meetings.

Why she makes an excellent Custard: Mika brings bundles of PR brilliance to the team but echoes the ethos of the business providing a ‘what else’ attitude and a determination to never give up.

Who works with Mika?

Mika is great at guiding our senior account executive Georgia on some of our hotel accounts and works closely with Natalie on the Elite Hotels portfolio.  As account director, she also regularly works on new business pitches with Petra in addition to working together on the Independent Hotel Show and The Torridon.

What makes Mika grimace?

An absence of sweet treats in the office (usually because she’s hoovered them up).

What makes Mika smile?

Aside from a supply of the above, my colleagues make me smile. The great team at Custard brings talent, skills and tenacity to our clients, with a good dose of humour.

Favourite story about Custard

When we landed at Glasgow airport in the snow in November without coats to wear. Smartly dressed for a new business pitch, we casually flung our coats in the boot of the car at Luton Airport. ‘We won’t need these’, we said. On landing, the packed flight of passengers began donning their hats, coats and scarves, and us girls from the south totted off the flight dressed for spring. We won the pitch though.

What makes a great Custard?

A positive attitude, an open mind, a follower of trends and a curious nature.