Account Director

It’s the people and talent that make Custard a success.  We spend time getting to know our clients but we want you to know more about each of our team members.

Introducing Lesley

Joined Custard: Spring 2015

Her role:

Lesley is pretty much one of the most organised and diligent people to work at Custard. Her role is to shape and steer our B2B PR and marketing accounts and to bring together all the campaigns we develop for our venues and associations as well as industry suppliers. As account director, Lesley is very much part of the team to help grow Custard and to coordinate our positioning in the market. Always with a keen eye for a bit of research or to help provide clarity around trends, Lesley loves getting stuck into meaty PR activities that hinge on facts and fun!

Other Roles: Not just a lead on client accounts, Lesley also works hard alongside Petra to help shape and grow the team. Keen to bang the drum for B2B PR Lesley is great at delivering workshops on the importance of good story telling, maintaining good media relations and responding to big issues in the industry. She always finds a way to blend serious issues with inspiring content that will drive change.

Not afraid to: Lend a hand for some creative thinking. Lesley sparks off the team and can come up with a pun in seconds.

You can count on Lesley for: Being a rock. Always there with a sensible opinion and sometimes a joke for good measure and brilliant at bringing the team together with real spirit!

What’s her daily routine like?

With her peppermint tea brewing Lesley yodels her way into the office with a breezy good morning. The ceremonious unpacking of the pack lunch box is a treat to watch and you will always find a Freddo chocolate bar snuck in the drawer for a mid-morning snack. First up for Lesley is trawling emails and checking plans. Then a quick chat with the team before motoring on with the day. Lesley works at high speed and high efficiency so keeping the peppermint tea on tap is crucial to wedge in a quick chat with her before lunch.

Why she makes an excellent Custard: Full of enthusiasm and passion with a real team spirit that is reflected by the fact she is an avid netball player outside of the office. Lesley knows how to bring people together and how to make a plan happen.

Who works with Lesley? Lesley works with most of the team on the B2B accounts but mainly with senior account manager Natalie and senior account executives Lucia and Beth.

What makes Lesley grimace? Badly written copy and inconsistent style! 

What makes Lesley smile? Seeing the team pull together to create and successfully deliver campaigns that make a difference.

Favourite story about Custard? There’s a few but Lesley says they mainly revolve around setting ridiculous challenges such as encouraging the team to play Russian Roulette with some vile Harry Potter Bertie Botts jelly beans or instigating an Apprentice-style four vs four Uber/Tube race across London on route to the Custard 10-year anniversary dinner.

What makes a great Custard? Lesley believes it’s someone who’s a team player, has bags of initiative, is organised and good at keeping several plates spinning at once while possessing loads of enthusiasm and a ‘can do’ attitude. You have to love what you do!