PR Manager

It’s the people and talent that make Custard a success.  We spend time getting to know our clients but we want you to know more about each of our team members.

Introducing Katie

Joined Custard: Summer 2017

Her role:

Katie was recently recruited to help support our teams in delivering exciting stories about our clients as well as seeking out great PR opportunities for our hotels. An absolute whizz at the written word and sharing a tale, Katie works at high speed to generate compelling content and ideas for our clients. A background in hospitality and writing means Katie is well-equipped turn her pen into a PR opportunity at a moment’s notice and to spin stories into sales opportunities.

Other Roles: Katie is the go to Custard for industry insight. The understanding Katie has of the hotel industry is exceptional, so her role often involves sharing news and updates on who has moved where and who bought who.

Not afraid to: Lend support to the MD for new business ideas and connections.  Katie always has a solution to a problem or a question and will regularly provide additional input to a campaign or idea to make it fly.

You can count on Katie for: Understanding the importance of client relationships and reputation. Katie really understands how the industry works and the value of excellent communication to create strong message propositions on behalf of our clients.  If you ever need something written in record time and precision, Katie is your gal!

What’s her daily routine like?

Katie resists tea and coffee in our office so starts her day trawling through the headlines to see what’s been happening in the world of hotels.  Super organised and with a burning desire to write all day long, Katie then gets stuck in to writing shorts, round ups, press releases, website copy and blogs.

Why she makes an excellent Custard: Although Katie only joined in September, she felt like part of the family from day one.  Her enthusiasm to make our business the best and her help in continuing to build our reputation means we all feel she truly cares about the future of Custard and our team.  What better Custard could you ask for?

Who works with Katie? Katie has the joy of working across several clients and therefore works with most of the Custard team.  From our account director team to our marketing coordinator, Katie has input in to most accounts and PR tactics.

What makes Katie grimace?  

The main things that make Katie grimace is poor grammar and punctuation – especially “your and you’re” and a lack of courtesy. Being polite and kind doesn’t cost anything and yet will always help get great results.

What makes Katie smile?

Being part of a great team who all work so well together as we all share the same goal, to deliver the best campaigns that we can – and a big box of biscuits!!

Favourite story about Custard?

Katie’s first encounter with the whole Custard team was at an away-day six weeks before she officially joined the company.  This was pretty daunting but was a great way to see the crazy, creative team she was joining who instantly made her feel part of the Custard family.

What makes a great Custard?

Being a great Custard is having no limits.  This includes always thinking beyond the campaign to come up with the additional extras that really make it fly and stepping up to assist anyone who needs help.