Brand Manager

It’s the people and talent that make Custard a success.  We spend time getting to know our clients but we want you to know more about each of our team members.

Introducing Georgia

Joined Custard: Summer 2014

Her role:  The guru of hotel gossip, Georgia fills us with news and updates on what’s happening in the hotel sector. Georgia joined us on an apprenticeship programme in digital marketing but has since proved herself as an outstanding account executive leading on accounts such as The Clink and The Master Innholders.  Georgia also supports the team on some exciting hotel accounts providing PR, marketing and digital support.

Other Roles: Georgia has a keen eye for news and is always primed to push out morsels of marketing updates to our clients as well as through our social media channels. Always keen to keep Custard at the forefront of the industry, she is a regular blogger for our website and newsletter and is first to volunteer for anything Custard marketing related.

Not afraid to: Speak at events or challenge the thinking of those afraid to step outside their comfort zone.  Georgia regularly provides input on the complete portfolio of Custard clients and is always quick to research new business opportunities for Petra to explore.

You can count on Georgia for: Loyalty.  Georgia has grown with the company and never stops putting our clients first.

What’s her daily routine like?

A fellow Nutella freak Georgia loves to have her breakfast at Custard and constantly battles with the rest of the team on the ‘correct’ setting of the toaster.  Her day starts trawling press cuttings and editorial opportunities and responding to the large volume of requests for press visits and reviews for our clients that pour in overnight.  A super organised executive, Georgia loves to make a list and will enjoy writing a plan for her day in a fairly swanky and lush notepad.  Then it’s press releases, editorial pitches, research, advertising concepts, blog writing, design and social media strategy for the rest of the day interspersed with critical internal meetings and calls with clients.

Why she makes an excellent Custard: Georgia has bags of ambition and integrity.  A smart cookie with plenty of personality who sees Custard as family.

Who works with Georgia?

Georgia has worked with most of the team since joining.  Her career development programme has allowed her to work across most of our clients too.  Georgia spends most of her time working with Mika to support her on the work with The Torridon and Georgian House, but she also works directly with Petra on The Clink and Master Innholders.  Georgia has also assumed the role of mentor to Charlotte who joined as a marketing graduate in July.

What makes Georgia grimace?

That after 11 years of the Twitter hashtag, punctuation and/or spaces in hashtags are still used, which causes the hashtag to be incomplete and unlinked.  #Hashtag101 #DontPunctuateDontSeparate

What makes Georgia smile?

A beautifully served Old Fashioned and perfectly cooked steak are two things that can put a smile on Georgia’s face, especially when they are served together.

Favourite story about Custard

Georgia says: “There has been so many in the past three years, I’m not sure I could pick just one.  There has been fudge cake disasters, handbrake mishaps in the Highlands, 5am finishes, late-night post-event Burger King trips and a hilarious Christmas party or three!”

What makes a great Custard?

Georgia believes that teamwork, passion and drive are the key factors of a great Custard. When you work with Custard, the sky is the limit and the team is there to help everyone reach their full potential.