Nottingham laundry CLEAN breaks production per hour record

By Natalie Blachford

Leading linen and laundry service provider CLEAN has achieved a production record at its Nottingham laundry site in Canterbury Road, Radford.

The laundry achieved its highest ever Production Pieces per Operator Hour (PPOH) performance in September, exceeding its target by 10%. The site’s target is to launder 105 pieces of linen per operator, per hour, which increased to an average of 116 items over the course of the month.

To mark the achievement, the laundry hosted two celebration lunches, to ensure every member of the team would be able to enjoy the occasion.

The CLEAN Nottingham laundry specialises in supplying bed linen, towelling and table linen to customers in Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire, Derbyshire and beyond and is one of seven laundries owned and operated by the CLEAN group.

CLEAN Nottingham site director Iain Corner said: “The new production record our laundry has set is a fantastic achievement, and I am incredibly proud of the whole team for working so hard to smash their targets. At CLEAN, quality is paramount in the service we provide to our customers, and being able to set a new record while maintaining the high standards we pride ourselves on is really something to be celebrated.”

To find out more about CLEAN and current Driver and Production Operative vacancies at the Nottingham laundry, please visit or follow their updates on Twitter @cleanlinenltd.