The Rise of Milestone Birthdays

By Katie Stephens

2019 is set to be a big year for milestone birthdays as it will see all of the ‘last babies of each decade’ celebrating significant birthdays ending in ‘0’. With the likes of Simon Cowell, Bryan Adams and Hugh Laurie celebrating their 60th whilst Michael Sheen, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jennifer Lopez and Giles Coran are all hitting 50, those planning to celebrate a big birthday are in good company.

Whether you are famous or not, milestone birthdays are a great excuse for a big celebration with family and friends. While there has been a trend towards celebrating with a once in a lifetime holiday, with the uncertainty of travel due to Brexit, it is expected that more will opt for a fabulous party closer to home.

Location, location, location

Finding locations and planning to make these events memorable can be a challenge, as well as being time consuming, leading to many willing to pay a little extra to have the organising done for them. Therefore, venues that offer to make the arrangements as simple and carefree as possible will be able to reap rewards. Those choosing a party over a holiday will often match the budget and go all-out with the celebrations.

Venues can capitalise on their location by appealing to the various kinds of parties and their individual needs. Large and geographically dispersed groups are likely to want somewhere close to transport connections for arriving guests, whereas closer knit families may wish to look for an idyllic escape. By highlighting the ease of getting to your location, guests are more likely to make a large event booking. Secluded cottages, country manors and historic properties offering exclusive hire must be able to provide an all-encompassing home away from home experience, where the group can descend en masse to begin the festivities.

Nostalgic sentiments

People will also be looking for creative ways to make their party stand out from all other events. Venues that can offer something a little different will help attract clients that want to stand out from the crowd when marking their special day.

Think about offering wines or champagnes dating back to the year of their birth, themed musical entertainment harking back to the era they grew up in, or carefully curated menus with retro throw-back dish options can be a tasteful way to let guests reminisce.

Uniquely inspiring

These milestone events can range from large family retreats, private dining, select intimate gatherings or the full spectacular party celebration.

While other big events such as weddings, proms and Christmas parties are seasonal, milestone birthday celebrations are all year-round allowing venues to increase bookings during quieter times and providing a more consistent stream of available revenue.

Hotels and venues that can offer specific packages offering a variety of options will appeal to a wider market. Packages such as fine dining will tempt the real foodies or those that include accommodation will be attractive to hosts whose guests will be travelling from far and wide. For venues lacking accommodation, consider partnering with a trusted local accommodation supplier to make the decisions even easier for the hosts, with preferential rates or free transfers for when the party begins to wind down.

Milestone birthdays is a growing market, one that can help fill the events calendar all year round and continue the buzz about your venue for a longer period.

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