Hotel industry predictions for 2020

By Georgia Ward

With 2020 looming, our clients are preparing to embrace upcoming industry trends to provide the best guest experiences possible. Please read on for insight and ideas!

Custard Communications
Mika Bishop, account director
“In 2019, we saw the emergence of citizen science – largely free-to-participate projects where people across the country could get closer to nature while contributing to studies on biodiversity and helping to safeguard the natural environment. From rock pooling and birding to whale watching and beach cleaning, these initiatives have captured the imagination of the environmentally conscious consumer, and in 2020 this is something hotels can incorporate in their offering to guests. By making the most of the surrounding environment, whether that’s countryside, city or coast, and offering packages where guests can experience the natural environment while contributing to wildlife research projects, hotels can attract consumers who want their travel to be a truly sustainable experience.”

The Torridon, Wester Ross
Rohaise Rose-Bristow, people director and co-owner
“Hospitality workers will increasingly seek employers that take the wellbeing of their team seriously. A focus on mental wellness, including encouraging taking time to reflect, especially in peak season, and ensuring everyone is trained to recognise the signs of mental health issues, will integrate with physical wellbeing, with healthy staff meals and complimentary exercise options becoming the norm, to create a more cared for hospitality industry, and consequently a healthier bottom line. As we say at The Torridon: “You can’t look after a guest if you’re not looking after yourself.””

The Cottage in the Wood, Malvern
Tom Evans, revenue manager
“2020 will see hotels take on the monopoly of OTA’s through loyalty driven programmes and more sophisticated booking platforms that encourage direct conversions. By additionally providing customers with a superior experience, such as exclusive offers, sneak peaks on hotel news and invitation-only events, returning guests will join these programmes, providing data capture and a more profitable transaction, amongst other benefits.”

Hotel Indigo York
Zoe Pickering, regional sales manager at Splendid Hospitality Group
“As guest experience personalisation moves from luxury hotels to the more general hotel sector, the creation of in-room concierge available on digital devices will become a common standard in hotel bedrooms. Through data capture drawn from returning guests, from new guest bookings or from analysis of social media and segmentation, hotels will be able to increasingly recommend local attractions, restaurants and entertainment, alongside offering tailored news, lifestyle publications and streaming services.”

House of Daniel Thwaites
Chris Hill, hotels operations director
“We have seen a rise in multi-generational holidays and believe this will continue into 2020. In our recent survey, we found that 15% of people now go on holiday in multi-generational family groups with the key reason being to take some time out of their busy lives to spend quality time together. This has led to an increase in travellers looking for a range of accommodation options in one location as well as family and interconnecting rooms. In response to this, The House of Daniel Thwaites Hotels has launched The Great British Get Together Break to provide families the option of a tailored break away together.”

Independent Hotel Show
Emily Challis, event manager
“The landscape of luxury is changing as people become more conscious of sustainable and healthy living. Chocolates on pillows, miniature toiletry bottles, furniture from the other side of the world and mini bars full of calorie-laden snacks are fading out of fashion as guests and staff alike become more aware of the effect these have on the wellbeing of the population and the planet.”
Download The Conscious Bedroom report compiled by the Independent Hotel Show

Elite Hotel Group
Paul Coley, group personnel and development manager
The hospitality industry will be finding recruitment tougher than ever, with a reduction in European workers likely post-Brexit – research by KPMG has predicted that there will be a shortfall of 60,000 workers each year from 2020 onwards. This means that recruitment strategies need to be smarter and it won’t be enough to try and entice millennials into hospitality; hotels need to start thinking about Gen Z as the future of their businesses. We will be stepping up our digital and social marketing campaigns to inspire young people from age 11 upwards, looking at new ways to reach the market and educate both students and their families about opportunities in hospitality, so a career in hospitality is seen as aspirational and rewarding.”

Dorsett Hospitality International
Winnie Chiu, CEO
“Over the past decade, bespoke art has increasingly become a feature at hotels. From boutique properties and independents to some bigger chains more recently, hoteliers are jumping on the bandwagon to enrich the guest experience. Whilst creating a more memorable environment for guests, featuring art from local artists and galleries also promotes a healthy community of goodwill and support. Dorsett Hospitality has taken its love affair with local art to a global level through a collaboration with creative duo Mic Leong and Soilworm Lai, AKA Stickyline, and the Affordable Art Fairs in Hong Kong, Singapore and Battersea,17-20 October.”