Earth Day

By Charlotte Winterbourne

As the world continues to navigate its way through the unsettling storm of the COVID-19 crisis, there has been one small, yet significant, positive effect that has emerged; the way we treat our planet. As the impact of humans decrease as we reside in our homes to keep others safe, wildlife has returned, pollution has decreased, and iconic landmarks have had time to detox from the damaging footprint of our constant travels.

Earth Day, held each year on 22 April, aims “to mobilize the world to take the most meaningful actions to make a difference”, educating and promoting the environmental movement worldwide to drive positive management of the planet.

This year, the 50th global event will take on a digital transformation, virtually connecting communities through global conversations, calls to action, performances, video teach-ins and more, reminding us at such a significant time in history what’s at stake in our fight for the planet.

Custard Communications endeavours to act responsibly throughout its operations, making sustainable choices both internally through our team and externally through our hospitality partnerships and clients. Our ‘Conscious Custard’ team meet monthly to discuss ways in which we can continue to progress our stance, including reducing printing, food waste, travel, waste to landfill, and even holding our own Conscious Custard Christmas!

We want to continue to spread this message of sustainability within the hospitality industry, and have therefore put together a simple list of ideas to drive your sustainability ethos and messaging.

Stop and take a look around

As with any change in your organisation, you need to evaluate where you currently are in the process, where you would like to go, and how you would like to get there. Conducting simple measurements on your energy use, food waste or water wastage can help you benchmark against competitors to gain a deeper understanding of your positioning in the marketplace. Setting targets which are SMART will then allow you to measure your progress, reducing your environmental footprint, alongside other potential benefits including reducing overhead costs, and increasing brand loyalty and employee retention.

Become part of something bigger

There are countless associations and groups that aim to help companies become a more sustainable organisation, with many offering step by step guides to ease implementation, and accreditation to signpost to consumers your sustainable initiatives. Leading resources and programmes that target both the events and travel industries include Onno Poortier’s Now, Green Tourism, The Sustainable Restaurant Association, WRAP and Positive Luxury.

Talk about it

As leading communications experts, we encourage you to shout about your positive activities, however big or small. From creating a specific sustainability page on your website, to highlighting your sustainably sourced ingredients on your menu, 65% of consumers want to support brands that advocate sustainability. Enter sustainable categories in awards, or if you’re a market leader, create an entire campaign to amplify your messages through creative solutions and multiple channels. Don’t forget to thread sustainability through your internal and recruitment communications as well. Including existing employees in brainstorming and implementing sustainable practices can encourage engagement and job satisfaction and with Gen-Z becoming increasingly a part of your labour pool, make sure to showcase the purpose-driven, conscious ethos they crave from employers.

Join Custard in celebrating Earth Day on 22 April.

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