Digital Personalisation and Timely Content

By Petra Clayton

Targeted content that is delivered at the right time and found in the right place online has never been more important to a business than now, especially in the world of hospitality where consumers are constantly looking for guidance, word-of-mouth recommendations and valuable advice from brands.

On Tuesday 23 May 2017, I will be heading to The Montcalm in London’s Marble Arch for the Boutique and Lifestyle Hotel Summit to be a part of a panel discussion looking at how digital personalisation and timely content can be used by operators to strengthen a hotel’s PR and marketing.

We’ll be covering the latest trends in bespoke online content, mobile bookings, voice recognition and geolocation as well as discussing the key findings of International Hospitality Media (IHM)’s digital personalisation white paper for the hospitality sector.

The digital age has transformed the way brands engage and communicate with their audiences. In some respect it has been a challenge for marketers as we strive to keep up with constant changes and developments across a number of platforms. But with challenge comes opportunity and now is the time for businesses to be harnessing the power of digital to grow, evolve and diversify.

The face of online advertising has changed dramatically and social media advertising continues to grow as a priority for brands day by day, it’s valuable for a boutique hotel to understand how to utilise these opportunities to ensure they aren’t overshadowed by big brands who have entire departments dedicated to managing their online presence.

It doesn’t need to be a mountain to climb or an ocean to swim to get it right but it does require content – a buzzword that actually has legs and isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Communications strategies have had to evolve over recent years to meet the consumer’s insatiable appetite for content that adds value to their life and integrating this into your day-to-day activities is the best way to ensure it doesn’t dominate your time.

People expect the content they read to be informative, relevant and engaging and if it’s not, there’s a chance they’ll turn to a source that is.  Personalisation can be extremely powerful when looking to boost engagement levels and ultimately keep an existing or potential customer hungry for more.

It’s not an easy job curating and placing online content (unless you have Custard as your agency of course!) but it can be added to your marketing and PR strategy without having to rack your brain each day for exciting topics.

To get top tips, advice and inspiration relating to online personalisation and content marketing make sure you buy your tickets for the Boutique and Lifestyle Hotel Summit 2017 by clicking here and join me and my fellow panellists for an insightful discussion at 4.30pm on Tuesday 23 May.