15Hatfields supports new Cup Fund launch to recycle coffee cups across London

By Anna Wolfram

15Hatfields, London’s leading sustainable venue, is hosting the launch of a new local recycling scheme run by Better Bankside and Team London Bridge in partnership with Paper Round.

The initiative is funded by The Cup Fund, financed by Starbucks 5p charge on paper cups and run by the environmental charity Hubbub. It will be launched on Tuesday 21 January and seeks to introduce an effective recycling scheme for takeaway coffee cups. Due to the complex nature of their paper and plastic composition, these cups require separate collection and handling. However, most coffee cups either end up being incinerated or in landfill, or are left as litter on the street.

Guest speakers from Hubbub and Paper Round will discuss the challenges of recycling paper coffee cups and our problematic throwaway culture. Better Bankside and Team London Bridge will also highlight the various ways local businesses and retailers can get involved and help contribute to the project’s success in 2020.

Striving to offer a service to like-minded businesses who prioritise sustainability, The Cup Fund shares a similar philosophy to 15Hatfields. Like The Cup Fund, 15Hatfields encourages a community-wide approach to make a real environmental difference. Their Make Plastic History campaign, which last year saw the removal of all single-use plastic from the venue, will focus on inspiring the rest of the industry to do the same.

Warren Campbell, 15Hatfields’ general manager said: “We are delighted to support this brilliant initiative promoting sustainable practices to our local community. We have been through the tribulations of replacing plastic with suitable alternatives and fully support any means of making recycling easier for the public. We know over 285,000 cups of coffee are drunk every hour in the UK so it’s therefore great to see Better Bankside and Team London Bridge collaborating and taking an important step to help control the environmental damage of our incessant coffee-drinking.”

Peter Williams, CEO of Better Bankside, said: “We’re determined to play a role in raising awareness, encouraging habit change and promoting responsible recycling to the employees and visitors in our areas. 15Hatfields is the perfect venue to host the launch event given their position championing sustainable practices, and we hope that support of the initiative continues through other businesses and organisations in Bankside.”

For more information on The Cup Fund scheme, made possible by funding from Hubbub and Starbucks, visit https://betterbankside.co.uk/news/coffee-cup-recycling-scheme.

To book an event at 15Hatfields or find out more about the Make Plastic History campaign, visit www.15hatfields.com.