Louis Clark


Louis is a third year undergraduate at the University of Birmingham studying Business Management (BSc). As an ambitious individual with determination to enrol in an internship in the competitive hospitality industry he got in touch with Custard and is now working with us for a year to complete his internship in marketing.

As a previous employee at Flagship Events Ltd, he has been a part of numerous hospitality events and as a team leader has developed an understanding of how to improve business performance within the industry.

During his first semester at university, he conducted his own market research in central Birmingham, where he gathered a sample of information regarding a potential niche smartphone app. He dedicated his spare time to meet with potential clients (nightclub and bar owners) to build up a range of support from clients who were excited by the prospect of the smartphone app. This extra attention to detail supported his business pitch to a panel of business professionals, with positive feedback of ‘perfect pitch’, resulting in his achievement of a 1st for the project.

Louis works on a variety of our client accounts and is already learning to swallow the pressures of agency life and the buzz of hospitality.