Success for The Clink Charity following independent report confirming reoffending has reduced by 49.6%

By Katie Stephens

New data analysis from a report conducted by the Justice Data Lab (JDL) and the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) provides evidence that prisoners participating in The Clink Charity’s innovative hospitality training scheme in partnership with HMPPS reduces reoffending rates, with the report stating the charity has achieved a “statistically significant result”.

The report looked at ex-offenders who have trained for between six and 18 months at The Clink Restaurants at HMP High Down in Surrey, HMP Brixton in London, HMP Cardiff in Wales and HMP Styal in Cheshire at some time between 2010 and 2015. In order to show a fair assessment, the Clink Graduates that qualified for analysis were measured comparatively to individuals that have not received The Clink’s intervention but were similar in circumstance.

The data shows that in 2014/15 Clink graduates had a 10.7% reoffending rate compared to the control groups 20.9%. This is a 10 percentage point difference or a 49.6% improvement.

The new combined results of The Clink, from its launch in 2009 to 2015, reveal graduates had a 16% reoffending rate compared to the comparison group’s 25%. This is a 36% improvement.

Chris Moore, chief executive of The Clink Charity, commented, “We are delighted that these new results have shown a reduction in reoffending against comparative groups.  The JDL identifying that “prisoners who took part in the programme were less likely to reoffend than those who did not” is testament to the dedicated work by The Clink Charity in partnership with HMPPS.

“The Clink offers more than just training, we provide a five-step integrated programme for our trainees that consists of not only the recruitment and training while they are in prison but also support, employment and mentoring upon release.  All five elements are key to the reduction in reoffending as it is providing the graduates with the assistance they need to readjust back into society.”

This year sees The Clink Charity go from strength to strength with the launch of two new ventures.  The Clink Café in Manchester will be focusing on training Clink Graduates and homeless clients of the Centrepoint Charity to gain their accredited City and Guilds NVQ level 2 in Food and Beverage Service as well as Barista skills.  Also opening is the new central production kitchen at HMP Downview in Surrey which will support Clink Events, the charity’s external events catering service also in conjuction with the Centrepoint Charity.