National Tea Day

By Georgia Ward

Whether you’re a hot beverage fanatic or avoider, everyone who has been to the Custard office has marvelled at the team’s assortment of teas. From the humble English Breakfast to a Sri Lankan Ceylon, we have shared our favourite teas and serves for National Tea Day.


My tea preference is always Green Tea, although at the moment I’m enjoying a lovely Sri Lankan tea which Natalie brought back from her recent trip to the tea plantations. Tea has to always be served in my special glass and I have a bell for when the glass is empty, but I’m only allowed to use it once a day.


Infused mint leaves in hot water create the perfect blend for me. I love the fresh taste of peppermint tea as well as the numerous health benefits associated with this wonderful and highly respected little plant.


Tea with milk, I’m also quite partial to a lemon & ginger or jasmine sometimes when caffeine levels are rising too high.


I am a decaf Earl Grey girl… which basically means I like scented hot water.  To add insult to insipidity, I also put milk into it.  Mostly the team are appalled!


Until March this year, tea was nothing more than an insipid, second-rate alternative to coffee, only ever sipped slowly when it would be completely impolite to refuse. However, in March everything changed when I spent a week in Sri Lanka, including several days in Nuwara Eliya – the tea capital of the country, and arguably the world. Staying at a little villa on the outskirts of the town with its own tea fields, where tea was on tap and you couldn’t sit down without being offered another pot, I realised how wrong I’d been. I stand by my assertion that English builder’s tea with milk and sugar is comparable to drinking swamp water, but give me a pot of Ceylon tea (and a side of gingernut biscuits) and I’ll be more than happy to join in the National Tea Day celebrations.


Tea? No thanks! As a hot liquid avoider I’m relegated to the drinks preferences of children, favouring a fruit-flavoured diluting juice in a bright and unnatural colour as my go-to beverage. No caffeine, no problem; my water drinking targets each day certainly keep my mind fresh and ready for the tasks ahead. Pretty sure I’m also the office tea round favourite since I’m guaranteed to not need a brew!


Tea forms the backbone of my day – one to wake me up and one to send me to sleep, with a few scattered in the middle. Must be English breakfast tea, with a healthy dose of milk and (an unhealthy) one sugar.


With a caffeine allergy I am not a big tea drinker though when I do fancy a cuppa it has to be a nice Rooibos – my particular favourite is Rooibos with vanilla which I drink with or without milk depending on my mood.


Although I tend to stick to coffee with my beloved oat milk, on an afternoon when I feel like I need to be a little more calm I can be tempted by a vanilla chai tea to incite the inner zen in me.


My perfect brew is a cup of de-caf tea mixed with a milk alternative such as Lactofree or soya, and half a teaspoon of sugar (or one teaspoon if I need a sugar kick!).


I don’t like tea, I fuel my day with a copious amount of coffee instead: black, like my tea-devoid soul.


There is nothing better than a well-brewed cup of tea with a dash of milk and one sugar. Although, to many people’s disgust, I’m a traditional tea maker with the milk always poured in first… if it’s good enough for the Royals, it’s good enough for me!