Is Instagram the new king of reviews?

By Georgia Ward

With the monumental rise of visual content online, Instagram is taking TripAdvisor’s crown as the source of restaurant and hotel reviews. Customers are now favouring images and videos over the written word and businesses need to be prepared.

The photo sharing giant is now the preferred research platform for foodies and travellers due to its geotag tool. This allows users to see ‘tagged’ content of the venue from other Instagramers, providing a ‘real’ customer perspective. Plus, with TripAdvisor’s recent scrutiny for the increase of fake reviews, it isn’t a surprise that some travellers are looking elsewhere for their inspiration.

It’s now essential for hotels and restaurants to provide potential customers with a number of visual platforms to inspire and attract them to book. According to a report by MDG Advertising, 40% of UK millennial travellers say they consider how ‘Instagramable’ a location is when trip planning and 74% of travellers use social media while away. This proves that users are looking for the picture-perfect experience when deciding where they should eat or stay. So, if you haven’t got one already, create an Instagram profile and start sharing images and videos of your property, team, dishes and rooms. To find out more about how you can become an #InstaBusiness, click here.

However, TripAdvisor isn’t obsolete just yet. The review site announced earlier this month that it will be launching a travel-focused social platform, Travel Feed. The new site and app will allow users to see relevant content from brands, friends and influencers within a topical news feed, and over 500 businesses and partners have already signed up to be a part of the beta version. Although there is no guarantee of how many users the platform will attract, TripAdvisor as we know it has 456 million monthly active users, so it has the potential of being the next big social network.

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