How to beat social media algorithms – The death of Twitter Classic

By Georgia Ward

Georgia’s first blog of her how to beat social media algorithms series focused on Facebook’s algorithm; why Facebook pages are seeing less engagement and how businesses can combat this.

Next in the series is Twitter and how business profiles can keep their followers engaged.


Early in 2016, Twitter announced the newest feature on its timeline – ‘Show me the best tweets first’. This timeline enables users to see the top tweets from their favourite people and brands on Twitter first before they see their most recent tweets. A user’s favourite brand or person is measured by the amount of times they have engaged with this brand or person. This change is to ensure that users haven’t missed any of the things they’re most likely to be interested in since their last scroll.

Since the launch, Twitter has found that people ‘tend to retweet and tweet more’ as they are commenting on the top topics their favourite users are talking about. At the moment users can turn this feature on and off via their settings, however this might not always be the case. The following tips and tricks will help you stay on top of your audience’s timeline.

5 tips to get on top of Twitter timelines

  1. Use Twitter Moments (a live feed of the most talked about topics in the world) to your advantage and create conversation around the subjects being discussed most at the time. This will help you to stay up-to-date with what your followers are discussing and keep you at the top of their timelines.
  2. Utilise your Twitter lists by segmenting the followers you want to see most in organised lists, this could be categorised by leads, customers, influencers etc. Your followers will be notified that they are in your lists and will encourage them to do the same.
  3. Don’t be scared to tweet the same content multiple times because the likelihood of the same user seeing it more than once is very slim. The best way of doing this is by including the same link on each tweet but using a different photo and/or message to accompany it. This will ramp up your engagement and tweet volume, which will increase your chances of being seen.
  4. Tweeting at optimal times of the day will trigger an increase in tweet impressions and engagement because more users will be browsing their timelines when you post. According to buffer social, the best times to post on Twitter are between 8am and 5pm, with 12pm being the most popular time to tweet.
  5. Promoting your tweets is another simple and easy way to ensure you will be on top of your followers’ timelines. Although there is a cost to this, it is beneficial to find out what type of content your users like to engage with. Twitter analytic reports will then help you see the reach of your promotion and if it has had the desired effect.

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