Hoteliers battle against ‘fake’ online reviews

By Lesley Whyte

The British Hospitality Association (BHA) recently announced that ‘85% of British hotels and restaurants fall victim to malicious and fake online reviews’ and called for more to be done to provide greater transparency.

The rise in the number of malicious and fake reviews appearing on websites such as TripAdvisor is of increasing concern to hoteliers – many of whom use the feedback to invest in their service offering.

Custard client The Know – an intelligent mystery guest service for luxury and boutique hotels – is offering hoteliers the chance to receive confidential, verified and honest feedback.

Launched by business founders and entrepreneurs Fiona Adams and Mané Ryatt at The Independent Hotel Show in October, The Know is designed to give hoteliers detailed, confidential, qualitative feedback from real and highly targeted paying guests.

In addition, being part of The Know enables hotels to benchmark their performance, gain proprietary market insight into guest preferences and create individual action plans using the sophisticated and bespoke question-led technology.

Multi-night, extensive reviews are conducted by an invitation-only members club of ‘Knowers’ who are individually vetted and incentivised through reimbursements and loyalty points.

The Know founders Fiona Adams and Mané Ryatt said: “The survey by the BHA shows that the problem of fake and malicious reviews online is worsening and causing serious damage to the hotel business. The good news is that hoteliers can ensure they receive honest and verified reviews by signing up to our service. We only see this growing as more hoteliers realise the value in joining a feedback service such as this and more guests seek out trusted sources of recommendation.”

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