Getting to know Petra

By Mika Bishop

It’s the people and talent that make Custard a success.  We spend time getting to know our clients but now we want you to know more about each of our team members.

Introducing Petra, our managing director 

Her role: Petra founded Custard in 2007 and continues to be the sole owner with the support of an incredible team of 13. As managing director Petra splits her time between nurturing and developing the team as well as steering and supporting the campaigns and plans for each client. Day to day she is responsible for running the business and building the Custard brand as well as making sure the company continues to be compliant, ethical and profitable.

Custard is embedded in the hospitality industry, so Petra spends a lot of her time getting to grips with new developments in the hotel and venue sector, to fully understand the challenges and potential opportunities each of our clients might be facing in the future.

Other Roles: Petra also spends her time supporting aspiring leaders in the hotel industry through her commitment to the Master Innholders Aspiring Leaders Diploma.  Every year Petra helps with judging applications as well as delivering the Sales/Marketing module for the students.

Not afraid to: Petra is never afraid to challenge an approach or way of thinking to achieve better results.

You can count on Petra for: Support, inspiration, positivity and empathy

Who are the lucky clients to work with Petra? Petra is involved with all the clients and up to speed on all the ongoing work Custard produce for our hotels, venues and suppliers.

What’s her daily routine like? The cornerstone of Petra’s daily routine is gallons of green tea, usually decaf sometimes with caffeine. First thing in the morning, she reads the hospitality industry news and lets clients and Custard staff know of any relevant topics or opportunities. Daily, she checks the Custard business plan and budget and follows up on new business leads and identifies new prospects. Internal catch-up meetings with different account teams are part of the daily routine, and external meetings with hospitality industry peers, new business prospects and clients occur almost every day, too. Petra will also dedicate some of her working day to HR and recruitment. Petra loves a campaign and will always find time amidst all the other tasks to come up with creative strategies and ideas for clients. She often goes out to industry events in the evenings to network and catch-up with peers. And naturally, the day ends with a decaf green tea.

Why she makes an excellent Custard: Petra is positive, pragmatic and innovative. She draws the best out of clients and staff, resulting in very productive and strong relationships. Her consistent approach makes it easy for people to work with her and her time management is impeccable! Petra loves a challenge and is a lateral thinker, she always provides solutions, never problems. She is an inspirational managing director, with bags of knowledge and a great sense of humour.

Who works with Petra? Petra works with every member of the Custard team but works particularly closely with the Account Directors to ensure Custard is on track to deliver outstanding communications for clients and exciting opportunities for the team.

We asked Petra a few questions:

What makes Petra grimace? “Lack of questioning.  Every action should have an outcome and not just be about output. I’m not interested in volumes of actions, just tangible and effective results that have an impact on the client’s financial success.”

What makes Petra smile? “Gratitude.  A simple thank you goes a long way and makes me a very happy Custard.”

Favourite story about Custard? “Over 10 years at Custard means I have a LOT of stories to share and some that should never be shared. It’s hard to decide between the many social gatherings with the Custard team and the exciting client successes and appointments.  Christmas always generates lots of memorable stories and our five and ten year milestone were really proud moments for me. It’s impossible to pinpoint one favourite story and I’m glad we have created so many of them to choose from. I hope the favourite stories keep coming as every week unveils something new and interesting and the team generate so much enthusiasm and fun into the business that it’s impossible not to smile every day.”

What makes a great Custard? “Being a great Custard is questioning yourself and pushing yourself to the best you can be and recognising that as a Custard you can create a very exciting future for yourself that knows no bounds.”