Getting to know Louis

By Petra Clayton

It’s the people and talent that make Custard a success.  We spend time getting to know our clients but now we want you to know more about each of our team members.  This month however we are saying a sad farewell to our intern who has been with us for a year and is now heading back to University to complete his degree.

As so many of you have worked with Louis we wanted to share a little more about him and hopefully you will join us in persuading him to return once his degree is finished next summer.

Introducing Louis. 

Number of years at Custard: a year!  Louis started as an intern but we soon moulded him into an exceptional marketing coordinator

His role:  There is nothing Louis doesn’t get involved in. He is always quick to lend a hand in some client research, measuring the success of our campaigns and keeping our processes and systems in tip top condition.  Whilst his degree is in business he is also studying marketing as part of his course so he has been able to get really involved in new business preparations as well as writing and campaign development.

Other Roles: Louis is rubbish at tea and coffee making but brilliant at office moving!  Helping Petra with tricky office changes he never shies away from hard graft. Louis has been instrumental in sorting out some of our time management processes and lending a hand to ensure we are on top of our Custard marketing.

In particular, he has been working hard on QEII Centre, Cottage in the Wood, Zummo London, CLEAN and The Clink Charity.

Not afraid to: Share his disapproval.  Louis embraces everything Custard is proud to be.  No role is too small and no person too inexperienced to speak up and be counted. Louis does just that.  He always has an opinion and a view and is never afraid to challenge our thinking.

You can count on Louis for: Speed and accuracy.  He can be relied on for great copy and is a whizz at award entries.  He never misses a deadline!

What’s his daily routine like?
Louis is in before 9 and normally carrying a tinfoil package containing a pasty or a ham sandwich. He gets straight down to it and is a keen list maker so knows exactly what’s in store for the day.  You’ll never find him near the kitchen as he doesn’t drink tea or coffee.  He churns through his to do list and always pipes up when he sees someone else in need of another pair of hands.  He makes sure all our cuttings are up to date and we are alerted of any potential issues in the press.

Why he makes an excellent Custard: Louis is a Custard through and through.  Diligent, attentive, passionate and always looking to find ways to make a big difference.

Who works with Louis?
Louis has to bounce between all the Custards.  His day can see him reporting to eight different people and responding to their deadlines.

What’s in store for Louis in his final year?
As well as falling back into the student sleeping pattern, a lot of work! Studying Business Management, Louis will be taking a diverse range of modules including finance, economics and marketing, while also working on his dissertation in the research area of entrepreneurship and local economy.

What makes Louis grimace?
Poor service! Particularly in hospitality. Having worked as a catering team leader there’s nothing worse than seeing uncoordinated staff serving an event.

What makes Louis smile?
Louis says: “The energy of the Custard team always makes me laugh (in a good way!). Everyone takes great pride in their work and the effects it has on our clients, so you’ll always hear someone celebrating when they secure a great piece of coverage or win an award.”

Favourite story about Custard: Louis says: “There’s been many funny and memorable moments during my time at Custard and it’s hard to pinpoint just one. As the only male in the office you’ll always overhear bizarre conversations and stories that you can’t relate to in any way, but will always leave you laughing.”

What makes a great Custard?
Louis thinks a great Custard is hard-working, passionate and has great attention to detail. Each Custard truly cares about their clients and will always go the extra mile to help them achieve their objectives.

Here’s what the team have to say about Louis.