Getting to know Ellie

By Petra Clayton

Getting to know Ellie

It’s the people and talent that make Custard a success.  We spend time getting to know our clients but now we want you to know more about each of our team members.

Introducing Ellie

Her role:  After years of deliberation and pondering, we took the plunge to hire a PA/Office Manager and haven’t looked back since. Ellie performs a critical role for Custard and helps keep the MD sane.

This evolving role means Ellie is the go to person for all office and HR admin but is also the catalyst for internal communications.  With a desire to be in marketing Ellie is well-placed and now well-versed in the marketing/PR agency world and has already started developing and honing her communications skills. As with everyone at Custard Ellie has full control over her career development and has chosen to split her PA/Office management responsibilities with the responsibilities of working on client accounts.

Other Roles: Ellie gets stuck into everything, from stationery ordering to organizing press trips for our hotel clients. She gets busy with the calendar and identifies key dates to be aware of for content ideas as well as contributing to our Custard marketing and managing our almighty plan!

Not afraid to: Ellie is not afraid to wear her HR hat and ensure everyone is up to date on HR practices and making sure people take their holiday!

You can count on Ellie for: Being supportive to the MD, informative during team meetings and reliable on client projects.  She is also the only person on the planet and the history of Custard to sort out our publication reading system so we all keep on top of our industry and media knowledge.

What’s her daily routine like?

Ellie gets stuck straight into work and filters the flood of emails from the MD overnight before prioritizing her day between accounts, clients, office management, HR and organizing travel. No two days are the same for Ellie, but she thrives in our agency world. Ellie is also great at keeping spirits up and sharing her top baking photos of her recent masterpieces.

Why she makes an excellent Custard: Aside from the incredible baking skills, Ellie has that special Custard magic that is hard to describe. She gets on with the job in hand, demonstrates enthusiasm and always thinks about the next move.  She also demonstrates incredible patience.

Who works with Ellie? Ellie and Petra work closely together on office, HR and general admin but Ellie also works on several client accounts and reports to a number of the team on ad hoc projects as well as long term campaigns.

A few words from Ellie:

What makes you grimace? Poor manners. A simple ‘please’ or ‘thank you’ goes a long way!

What makes you smile? A large triple chocolate muffin

Favourite story about Custard? In December last year, I became ‘Elfie’ and supported Petra in delivering advent treats to our Custard crew throughout the month. From pizza lunches and candy canes to a ‘build your own hot chocolate’ area, I became Petra’s little helper in spreading some festive cheer around the office.

What makes a great Custard? A great Custard is a team player with great attention to detail, a calm and collected persona, as well as a sense of humour!