Custard Spotlight: Profiling

By Natalie Blachford

People love hearing stories, and at Custard we love telling them.

When we’re getting to know a client, it’s not just about the business itself, but the people who make up the business. Stories about people can be incredibly powerful, whether it’s an emotive story about someone who started with nothing and built a successful business, or a story that shows the expertise of a team member and how that benefits guests, customers or clients.

Staff profiling is not about a hard sell; it’s not a call to action to book a room or buy a product. It’s about positioning and gaining trust, and when it’s done well you will see the effect on your business in the long run.

Profiling can take many different forms, from pitching thought leadership articles to nominating individuals for awards – it all depends on what the objective is.

One example of a shining star we identified as a prime candidate for profiling is Paul Tattersdill, estate manager at Tylney Hall Hotel & Gardens. While an estate manager may not seem like as obvious a choice as a general manager or head chef, Tylney Hall’s biggest selling point is its beautiful gardens, and profiling Paul within both business and consumer press is a great way of getting that message out.

A font of knowledge when it comes to gardening, we’ve picked Paul’s brain to pitch top tips to consumer magazines on everything from readying your garden for winter to topiary and lawn striping for beginners. It goes back to the old marketing adage ‘show don’t tell’ – of course we could tell people the hotel has great gardens, but hearing the expertise of their estate manager makes for a much more convincing argument, and a better hook for journalists and readers.

Tylney Hall’s estate is just as important to corporate bookings as it is leisure guests, so we’ve also been raising Paul’s profile within the MICE market by entering him for the Meetings Industry Association (mia)’s 2017 miaList. Currently shortlisted and waiting to find out if he’s won, Paul is the only gardener or estate manager on the list – demonstrating that for beautiful gardens and outdoor events, Tylney Hall is the place to go.

Paul’s extensive knowledge of the hotel’s estate is now being put to further good use to create a brand-new guest experience: gardening podcasts to listen to as you explore the grounds. For garden lovers, history buffs or anyone interested in learning more about the hotel, this will be an added extra that sets Tylney Hall apart, and once again shows the incredible knowledge and expertise within the team

If there’s a superstar in your business with a story to tell, call Petra on 01483 740747.